Bill Boyle

Bill started Boyle’s Foreign Car Repair in 1974 on Lakeview Drive in Lakewood, Washington. Bill was the quintessential “rebel without a cause” looking for a way to combine his passion for tools, cars, and motorcycles. His first shop provided a place to hone his skills as a mechanic and businessman. As his skill improved, an entrepreneurial spirit took over and helped his business grow.

The quality of his work became so well known in the Lakewood area that anyone who wanted to have a foreign car repaired went to Boyle’s. In recent years, Bill left his first shop behind to open one closer to his customers and thus continuing his commitment to providing the finest in automobile repair. These days he specializes in one of his favorite vehicles, the Volvo, which is a common sighting in the Lakewood area.

Bill is a long time resident of Lakewood and has not only developed a reputation as a good mechanic and business owner, but also as a good father to those who know him. The new shop affords him the luxury of working closer to home and being near his daughter’s school.

Dean Roland

A long-time friend and fellow mechanic working with Bill over the last 2 decades. Like Bill, Dean is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced as a mechanic. There is no doubt that this team can resolve any auto malady that you may encounter. You will never go anywhere else. They are that good!